Sung Gems

a Thai based company situated in Chanthaburi, a province in Thailand’s renowned with Asia’s gemstone mining site especially rubies and sapphires along with an elaboration of cutting gemstone by experienced craftsmen. The company has been in the industry since early of 1980s, building up our name among domestic and international gemstone and fine jewelry market. Our main product is concentrating on Rubies and Sapphires from commercial calibrated size to an exceptional single stone quality. Today Sung Gems has its own cutting and polishing factory to serve all the needs in the market as well as expanding the distribution channel to Bangkok location for a more convenient business.

Confidence and Trust

As a direct source for Rubies & Sapphires, we are obligated to sell with integrity and honesty to meet with the highest ethical standards. Trust is in every manners and relationships, especially in the gemstone and jewelry industry. Therefore, we believe, by earning a “trust” from the industry and customers, we will reap the rewards for years to come.

To ensure confidence with our clients, we certifies our stones with the most reputable gemological laboratories in the industry such as GRS, GIA, and Gublin. This will ensures authenticity, value and accuracy of its geographic.